Payroll Solutions

Payroll services or Payroll Solutions need to be comprehensive and capable of dealing with every aspect of UK wages and salaries requirements. The payroll bureau that KR Accountants has the capability to handle businesses with one director or employee to those which have a hundred employees on their books.

Our Service to You

Payroll systems need to be updated for changes to tax rates, holiday entitlements and other components which can affect the salary and wages calculations. After each payroll run that KR Accountants has completed, we produce payslips, tax deductions sheets and PAYE due for and tell you what to pay the employees and the TAX and NI due to HMRC.

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Tax and Business Advice

Thousands of small businesses require payroll solutions which ensure their staff wages calculations are correct and that they get paid on time.  KRA Payroll Solutions will ensure that our payroll systems avoid penalties and that the salary calculations for your business are fully compliant with HMRC regulations